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The Hollywood

Introducing to you The Hollywood air jet. This award winning Hot tub is brand new for 2022 and with its unique design the stunning led lighting system sets it apart from the rest. Supplied with 4 soft touch pillows and 140 air jet massage system The Hollywood will impress your friends and family.

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Rapid Heating

The Lay‑Z‑Spa pump’s rapid heating system heats the water to a relaxing 40°C and can be used with the energy‑saving timer. With our hot tub technology, you can heat the hot tub, run the massage system and filter the water all at the same time.

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Up to 6 people

Suitable for up to 6 people, and including 4 soft‑touch pillows for extra comfort, you can sit back and relax in the invigorating all‑surrounding 140 AirJet™ massage system.

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LED Lighting

With a show‑stopping LED lighting system and semi‑transparent exterior, the Hollywood AirJet™ is all about the lighting, inside and out, thanks to its innovative patterned design.

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